Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hot rods are NEVER finished...

For me that is the essence of a Hot Rod. When you build something from the ground up and think about every nook and cranny so many times you can't help but continually ask yourself, "how can this be better?". Well yesterday afternoon I had the urge to go into the shop and get my hands dirty. The bird catcher on my bike has always bothered me a little because when I'm riding it keeps my right leg from holding the bike tight when I need to maneuver quickly... a feeling I don't care for. So I decided to take a piece of scrap perforated aluminum and a velocity scoop I had made a year or so ago and make something all new for riding the bike. I will probably still show the bike with the Ford horn scoop on it but this one a a bit more practical.

I chamfered all the holes in the pref, it's .125" thick. Domed it in the press. Then a turned the scoop to take it like a stone setting and plannished the edge over with a hammer.

Almost too blingy for the bike but I like it!

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