Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pretty Colors

Today I worked nine hours on the BSA and had so little to show for my efforts at the end of it. Oh well, they say slow and steady wins the race, eh?

One of my accomplishments was welding up and tacking on the rear motor mount.

I enjoyed welding today... surprised it came out as well as it did considering how much coffee I drank this morning ;)


  1. that really is perfect welding mate...funny thing is i was making coffee all day today at a friends cafe...i cant imagine how good your welding will be when you start drinking decaf...and soy...

  2. Thanks Matt,

    What machine are you pulling shots on? Did your buddy buy himself a Slayer yet ;)
    We have been painting some of them in House of Kolors paint and they look killer! I have been trying to talk them into striping one as well, it would look classy!

  3. hey about those slayer machines....saw one in use in sydney about 6 months ago...pity the dude had no idea how to make coffee....nope...working on a la san marco....wish i could afford one of those slayers for home.....

    heres a question.....i need to buy an english wheel.......cant find an old good might have to buy new....any contacts i should investigate???....dont mind importing if i can get the right machine...

  4. I have used one that my friend Elliot built from a Ron Covel kit. All the components were well thought out and work well. Making the frame takes some time but you can make it to the dims you need. No need to make it huge if you have a small shop and your not making car bodies. Call Ron and ask him all your questions, he's a really nice guy!

    Yah, the Slayer is nice. I designed that machine a couple of years ago now but the same guys and I are now working on a machine for home use... will be a fraction of the Slayer cost.

  5. your kidding better let me know about that machine.... gonna go to that covell web site...

    talk to you soon.