Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I got pegged :p

The other day I spent way too much time on the mill making these pegs for my rear-sets. More of what I like to call freestyle machining. I always have a general idea in my mind but as I whittle away I let it evolve. I feel that it just makes a better part in the long run. Reacting to lines and proportions as they change is a very exciting way to see something materialize. These started life as 4 1/2" long pieces of 1 1/2" diameter 6061 T6 rod. I plan to do a fair amount of hand finishing and then maybe a bead blasting and spot polishing for final finish... we will see.


  1. getting your approach to your work...and diggin it...those pegs are beautiful...i have the same approach to my architecture.....but its taken me over twenty years to convince clients that that is the best way to work...i wont say organicly,...but something like that...have you ever been to firenze?...ever seen that room at the Accademia di Belle Arti as you approach michaelangelos david....those half finished sculptures...and studies.....extracting a sculpture from a block of marble.....working in the negative...

  2. There's something special during this transformation that happens not only to your work but to you too as changes, insights, and new ideas come to light. "Let the chips fly where they may."