Monday, April 12, 2010

It was a trip of a life time!

We got back from two weeks in Japan and we had such a blast. We stayed a few days in Tokyo after which we picked up our rented BMW GS650 with GPS and we were on our way for five nights and hundreds and hundreds of kilometers along the coast and around Mt. Fuji after which we took an eight hour bicycle tour and stayed four more nights in Tokyo. We took over a thousand pictures, here are a few of just day one. We stayed just south-east of Ueno Park and our first day was the first day of the Sakura Festival so we walked all around the park and then to the museum for a little quiet time. It's hard to just pick a hand full of images to sum up such an amazing day ;)

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  1. wow...those cherry blossoms are unreal...nice photos...glad you had a great time mate