Friday, December 31, 2010

More than you may care to know about me:

Over the past few weeks or so Trent and I have been passing emails back and forth as well as a few phone calls in an attempt to put together a nice and somewhat informative interview. I can't say I made it easy for him given my mindless yet nostalgic ramblings at times. All said I think Trent put together a pretty fun interview. Thank you Trent, it was a pleasure!!!

. Link to: BikerMetric on Speed Shop Design... and bad hair!


  1. laughing! as you see at the end, i've got a part two planned.

    kick ass on your duc, chris.

    happy new year to you, lynn, and everybody you love.


  2. Nice story!
    But...... Don't waste to much time, because everybody wants to know what you're gonna do to the Duc :-)