Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A long but wonderful week end

It was a long road trip week end with a total of about 2500 miles covered and two days of motorcycles, great people, good food, and wonderful times. As I mentioned the show was as successful as we could have hoped for but what was most exciting for Lynn and I was being able to tour Chabott and Falcon and then go out to dinner with Shinya, Ayu, Ian, and Amaryllis for a little pre-birthday celebration. Yah, I turn forty on Friday and I am looking forward to having a nice quiet night out with my sweet heart Lynn after having such a crazy past week end. In a few weeks, after AMD, I think we are going to be able to relax a bit more and have a nice gathering with friends and family.

I am surprised how quickly news of the Beezerker spread on the net. I have even seen a number of write ups over seas. I knew this bike was going to push the boundaries of motorcycle design but I did not expect such extremes. Those that appreciate it and get it really dig it but those that don't agree with my creation hate it with a passion. I am finding it all very exciting!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This year at Long Beach

Lynn and I are back safe and sound from Long Beach and I am happy to say we did what we set out to do, win best of show. We had a great trip, a bit too hot and a bit long at times but well worth it. I'll spend some time sharing details with you later but right now it's time to get my PJ's on and head to bed, we are exhausted!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Beware the "Beezerker"

It's been 11 months in the works and it's finally ready to rear its head. I present to you the "Beezerker"

What you looking at is a 1965 BSA A65 motor, fully rebuilt. I designed and built everything else. Some of the interesting details are; the headers that enter into the frame under the motor and then exit out the very back under the tail light, the down tube is the oil tank, fabricated sheet metal girder fork, twist clutch, cast stainless steel grips from my Schwinn mag scrambler, aluminum tank and tail, killer leather seat with real tuck and roll by my friend Attila, SU carb, mechanical rear disc brake. As usual with me all the parts are free-style machined out of aluminum or stainless steel.

Lynn and I are heading to Long Beach bright and early in the morning for the LA Calendar show.... we are shooting for best of show this year!

I'll talk more about all the little things but I need to get some shut eye ;)

Thanks for all your patiance, I hope it was worth the wait. Chris

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Little Bits

Lots and lots of little bits! I have been wet sanding and buffing paint for what seams like forever and now I get to put the Beezerker together. Still probably have close to 100 hours of sanding and hand polishing on the tank and tail piece before we head down to Cali for the Long Beach show.