Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A long but wonderful week end

It was a long road trip week end with a total of about 2500 miles covered and two days of motorcycles, great people, good food, and wonderful times. As I mentioned the show was as successful as we could have hoped for but what was most exciting for Lynn and I was being able to tour Chabott and Falcon and then go out to dinner with Shinya, Ayu, Ian, and Amaryllis for a little pre-birthday celebration. Yah, I turn forty on Friday and I am looking forward to having a nice quiet night out with my sweet heart Lynn after having such a crazy past week end. In a few weeks, after AMD, I think we are going to be able to relax a bit more and have a nice gathering with friends and family.

I am surprised how quickly news of the Beezerker spread on the net. I have even seen a number of write ups over seas. I knew this bike was going to push the boundaries of motorcycle design but I did not expect such extremes. Those that appreciate it and get it really dig it but those that don't agree with my creation hate it with a passion. I am finding it all very exciting!


  1. c..when frank lloyd wright started designing houses in oak park the community wanted to knock them down and kill him....well done agin mate.

  2. Chris,

    Good to meet you, the bike is beautiful.Great job!


  3. Hi Chris,

    I know it may not mean much coming from a regular dude like myself, but I have to tell you that this bike is just one of the most amazing pieces of engineering I have ever seen, beauty, functional, perfectly crafted, it blows my damned mind.

    Thanks for the blown mind,


  4. Hello,

    Just had to leave another comment, after looking at the photos of this bike yet again for quite a while, I just can't see how people who are really into bikes couldn't like it.

    Just don't make a lick of sense to me.




  5. You are a true motorcycle fabrication artist and have set the bar high for those that will copy you. Well done my friend.