Thursday, August 12, 2010

No longer an AMD newbie!

After driving through the night we are back in Seattle safe and sound.

It was an amazing time and I met so many wonderful people from around the world.

We did really well and are very happy to bring home some big ass trophies.

The Beezerker won 2nd place in the Metric World Championship and 5th in the over all Freestyle World Championship. Even Special #6 had a great response and finished 14th in the Freestyle World Championship.

I will post images once I have a chance to download them but now it's time to sleep ;)

Until then check it out here:


  1. Hey congrats man!

    About time somebody else told you how gnarly the BERZERKER is!!!


  2. sleepy time is over, post photos of the trip
    :-)........please & thank you.