Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Step #4

Try to keep things moving!

This step has proved to be most difficult these past few weeks. Besides having a nagging cold and a day job to keep happy I have been dealing with major issues trying to source the hubs for this build. I still don't have them in my hands which is making me start to stress my completion date.

Rolled, coped, and tacked in some more tubes today.


  1. Vey nicely done Chris!!! I can't wait to see the next step!

  2. This is definitely a step ahead and mind numbingly cool

  3. hey,carl here,you bought that duc motor off me,i been checkin progress here on your blog..lookin awesome! keep on postin!

  4. Fred, Rusty, Carl, Thanks for the compliments and encouragement!

  5. Hi Chris!

    Dude this thing is incredible already and it's not even half done!

    Lugged frames are beautiful! I have wanted to do a lugged frame (bicycle style) on a bike for the longest, but I can't stop thinking that brazing it wouldn't be strong enough.

    anyway this is amazing man can't wait to see it!