Sunday, February 6, 2011

It's all linked...

I am building all the technical parts for the Ducati girder fork and today I put in some long hours machining chunks of mild steel into the top and bottom links. All the milling is 100% manual and my arms are feeling it after a long day like today.

The Beezerker links are aluminum and took about one quarter the time these took me to make. I chose steel this time around because I am using bushings and bearings along with some precision ground shafts in such a way that I will have infinite adjust-ability in the tension of all the moving parts. Since this bike is going to be a daily driver ease of serviceability is a major design factor.


  1. Nice work Chris, Would you be willing to trade some welding for CNC machining?

  2. Hey Casey, I got a DXF file of the wheel blank forging and I plan to start drawing something up very soon. I'm excited!