Thursday, October 20, 2011

Japan, my amazing journey:

I have been back in the states for a few days now after spending nearly three weeks in Japan. My friend Glen and I spent 14 days in Tokyo and 5 days on rented motorcycles touring the mountainous countryside.

This trip was a life altering one for me for so many reasons... Reasons I will touch on in the following posts.

Besides taking hundreds of photos with our point and shoots and phones we also had a Go-Pro camera mounted during our six hours of motorcycle riding each day. The Go-Pro was programmed to take a photo every 30 seconds so needless to say I have thousands of photo's of our journey.

I have barely scratched the surface of all the photo editing necessary and plan to spend the next week or so going through them all, posting online albums and posting on this blog.

Japan is an amazing country for so many reasons. If you have never been I strongly recommend it, you will be changed. For those who have been but never outside of a major city like Tokyo I strongly recommend you get on a motorcycle and head into the country. The roads are simply amazing, the view is breathtaking, the people so friendly, the ryokan and onsen so relaxing.

During our stay we met many amazing people from motorcycle builders to psychedelic painters to major industrial designers, all were so accommodating and friendly it simply blew our minds!

I will cover the highlights of our trip in more detail with future posts but till then here is a snippet as well as a huge thank you to all that we had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with.