Monday, January 16, 2012

I've had enough!

I am tired of being secretive about my current Ducati build. The teacher instinct in me wants to share and let people see and learn. It's no fun designing and building in a vacuum which is what I feel these top secret builds become... A sucking vertex your stuck in all by yourself! This being said I welcome all input and advise you guys may have... Continuing to learn is key to me and my creative process so please critique.

So for the past month solid I have been cutting, bending, welding, grinding, and then welding and grinding some more to fabricate the front end of the Ducati. I enjoyed designing and building the girder fork on the Beezerker so much that I decided I wanted to try my luck at it again but this time put all I learned previously into the design of this fork.

The Ducati is a fat tired bobber cafe sort of a bike and being that the front tire is a 160 I needed a design that was going to stand up to such a menacing tire.

What you see here is the product of more hours than I care to recall right now. Today was the first time I ever put the front end on the bike and I have to admit I could not be more excited.

This bike will have no paint on it what so ever so my metal work has to be top notch which I am discovering is easier said than done!

It's actually hard to go home for the night now because all I want to do is finish this thing and ride it :)


  1. Building in secret!? Now my feelings are really hurt.. :-P

  2. that girder and the front drum look tight! out of interest- what sort of teacher are you?

  3. chris. oh my god. menacing is the word.

    that is going to be some amazing bike.

    and yes...i totally understand what your saying about the secretive thing...i was only discussing just that aspect with someone the other day. why miss out on all the wonderful stuff that we love so much.....the build details...i for one could benefit from seeing more closeups of your handiwork...sometimes just seeing the "process" of thought put into 3d form can be as powerful as the final form.

    anyway...good luck watching as always.

  4. that'll roll all over our shitty ass streets!

    stop with the biggest 4LS to boot...


  5. I love you man. Those pics are worth a 1000 words.

  6. Casey, You know all my deep dark secrets ;)

    Pat, Thanks for the compliments, I don't currently teach but when I did it was college level design and fabrication jewelry classes.

    Matt, Thanks mate! I'm looking forward to sharing it all now that I have decided to do so :)

    ND, Yup, this bikes going to roll and stop as well as have some get up and go!

    Bozi, Thanks for the love! I was hoping you would take something away from this :)

  7. whoa.

    cats outta the bag now.
    damn..very impressive

  8. Chris, impressive to say the least.

    The process to me is easily as exiting as the finished product. Sharing the love for metal, process, and design is hard to keep a secret when it's something you're so passionate about. I'll be watching closely, and enjoying every minute of it.

    p.s. I still think back on the hatchet you forged out of motorcycle chain back in your Mass Art days... ahh the humble beginnings.

  9. yowza! Go Chris Go! So cool!

  10. how much work many hours of welding. grinding again and appreciated all your work

  11. Simply WOW!!! these big drums look great into the 17" rim! And your work is amazing!! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  12. Stunning work! Pushing limits as per the levels you have already set Chris!