Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Turning Japanese

The last two months have been amazing!  We finished up the two bikes in time for Mooneyes HRCS and we kicked ass winning best of show.

 It was a trip being up on stage in another country winning an award like this with the guys. Thanks to Kurosu San and Masa San for taking me in and making me one of the team, its a great family!

Yuki's bike was one of my favorites at the show but then again I am a bit bias ;)

Since Mooneyes we have been busy making all the finishing little details to get the bikes road legal including safety and registration inspections which I have discovered are rather serious here.  Lots of magazine photo shoots are occurring while new projects are being started.

Obviously there is so much more happening in my life other than motorcycles...  Junko and I have been loving our adventures in Tokyo the past couple of months as we prepare to have my family over this April for our traditional Japanese wedding ceremony.  My family has never been to Asia so it's going to be an eye opening experience for them and being chaperone will be so much fun.  One of the tasks Junko and I have had to undertake for the preparations is trying out new restaurants for the formal reception and the after party and its been so fun going on hot dates with my wife and eating great food...  everything's almost all figured out!

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  1. Congrats with best of show- keep up the great work, Chris, you're living the dream. Good luck with your folks in the new environment, they're sure to love it as much as their son.