Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Made it through the round about...

Made some good progress on the pan project yesterday.

Figuring out how to fabricate this little roundy round piece had me scratching my head for a little bit but I'm super happy with how it turned out. 

The entire head tube structure will get textured before paint to look more like a casting.

I get more excited by this build every chance I get to work on it.

Thank you Kurosu San!!!!


  1. Looking good Chris. How'd you end up making the roundy bit, and how do you plan to texture? Shot peen? Hand peen? Keep it up!


  2. Hello Luke,

    I made it with a about six strips of steel individually formed and tig welded together. I will texture with a pneumatic needle scaler with custom ground needles.

  3. Proof again that you're a master with the grinder. Needle scaler? I know just the ones you mean- working on ships they're use quite often. I've accidentally textured things that shouldn't have been, but I see how it would be perfect for making a nice cast look. Will you grind a radius on each of the needles?