Sunday, October 24, 2010

roundy round...

Spent some time working on the Triton today. The fork is an old school leading link design and I want more torsional rigidity out of the front axle so it can act as the bridge to keep the leading links aligned perfectly and kept from moving independently.

First step was digging out the old Sportster wheel I had laying around remove the stock bearings. Then I cut out the hub so I could chuck it up on the lathe to fit these suckers:

The bearings have a 2"OD and a 1"ID. Once the hub was out and on the lathe I bored out the through bore of the casting to accept the much larger bearing spacer.

Next step was to remove the existing flanges that held the dust seals

and face the brake mounting surface in preparation to re-bore the bearing seats.

Once the bearing seats were carved in I decided I wanted to sculpt the hub flanges a little. Gave them a little more of a bicycle hub look by rounding out the flanges. Not sure if you are even going to see these behind the duel discs but it is in the details, right?