Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sometimes Smaller is Better!

Over the past couple of weeks I have been working on the Triton frame. Lots of cutting and grinding to remove all the engine mounts and tabs as well as all the cross members.

I never really liked how unit engined Triton's look with all that space around the engine, not to mention the ridiculously large alloy plates used to couple frame and engine.


So I had this crazy idea to cut 2.5" out of the frame to tighten up the front triangle as well as allow me to lengthen the swing arm while maintaining the perfect wheelbase.


I am very, very happy with how the proportions look now!


  1. plan b, with great respect, i don't see this as crazy. it's a re-interpretation. it's math through an artist's eyes. there's the manner with which chris perceives what others only partially realize even after the machine is complete.

    the accidents are the best part.

    it's what custom motorcycle builders do, man. where the inspiration comes from is the infinite/cosmic variable all creatives tap into and snag a bit of.

    the way chris designs and develops his bikes are trend-setting fabs that will influence the custom motorbike industry forever. even as he draws his influences from the past.

    i have lost sleep wondering what he will do with this trump.

    (psst! rake the neck a few degrees and lengthen the swing to the dimensions are exactly the same as the original, but a little larger, exactly, at every angle.)

  2. With "Crazy" I didn't mean BAD! In fact I wanted to say the opposite! I've just reported the word in the line "So I had this CRAZY idea to cut 2.5".....".
    I love his works and I think the proportions of the bike are now much better.
    I'm sorry, maybe my bad english caused some misunderstanding.

  3. hey chris,
    you going for the same wheelbase or not?...


  4. Plan B, Thank you for the compliment. I knew exactly what you meant when you said "Crazy".

    Trent, Wow, I need you to write my next artist statement for me! Thank you for such kind words.

    Trent and Matt, I plan to keep the original wheel base but I am still working out the fork design and the swing arm I am making... nothing is ever etched in stone!

  5. That is so cool. Fantastic idea!