Friday, June 3, 2011

Hear the roar of the Beezerker!

The week before the Quail was a busy one. I flew to Vegas, rented a van, and picked the bike up at the showroom within the Cosmo. After driving through the night I arrived in San Francisco at HOBO SF, formerly Hollywood Bobbers. For two days Bruce and I detailed the bike, re-torqued the motor, changed the needle and oil in the carb, reset the timing and got her running perfectly. She was running okay before but now she sounds like she is truly going berserk!!!

Hear the roar of the Beezerker here!


  1. Now that was entertaining. I sounds killer, but watching you guys runs in in the same space was more fun. Cool seeing the bike with the body off as well.

  2. Wow. Truly amazing! I liked the looks, but never had any idea how it would sound. Great!

  3. revs up quick that motor chris.