Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Melt Down!!!

I purchased a couple of Lithium Phosphate batteries a little while back and recently put one in Special #6. At first I was impressed by how small it was but then almost immediately unimpressed by how quickly it melted down while trying to start the 1000cc Sporty for the first time. After a week of emails trying to ask the maker of the batteries questions as to why this may have happened I have given up waiting for any customer service. Needless to say I will not be buying any more batteries from these people... Beware of www.carbon-speed.com!

So after about thirteen hours and a bit of stainless steel I have a new battery box to hold a standard size sealed battery as well as a tool roll. The four little belt loops are exactly that, belt loops to hold two small leather belts I will make soon.


  1. Nice work Chris, Bummed to hear about the LiPo batts, I was hoping to try those out on my project..but not so sure now?!

  2. i got a shorai battery a month or so ago. pretty lightweight and so far so good. & that battery box is pretty kick ass.