Friday, December 31, 2010

More than you may care to know about me:

Over the past few weeks or so Trent and I have been passing emails back and forth as well as a few phone calls in an attempt to put together a nice and somewhat informative interview. I can't say I made it easy for him given my mindless yet nostalgic ramblings at times. All said I think Trent put together a pretty fun interview. Thank you Trent, it was a pleasure!!!

. Link to: BikerMetric on Speed Shop Design... and bad hair!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Vegas Baby!!!

This past Friday I flew down to Vegas to set the Beezerker up at a new mens lifestyle store named Stitched inside the all new Cosmopolitan Hotel.

The bike is on display and consignment with a couple of bikes you may recognize.

This little KTM is pretty awesome!

Window side on the strip:

The grand opening of the hotel and the store is Dec. 15th with a New Years eve party to trump all Vegas parties.