Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Step #4

Try to keep things moving!

This step has proved to be most difficult these past few weeks. Besides having a nagging cold and a day job to keep happy I have been dealing with major issues trying to source the hubs for this build. I still don't have them in my hands which is making me start to stress my completion date.

Rolled, coped, and tacked in some more tubes today.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Out for the count!

Here is Sophie demonstrating how I have been feeling the past few weeks. I have had a nasty cold on and off for what seems to be almost a month now. After another mellow week end of wearing pajamas all day, watching movies, and eating spicy noodles I think I am nearly back to normal. I am crossing my fingers I can make up for lost time in the shop and get back on track by the end of the month.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Step #3

... Get fabricating!!!

Started the frame this week after a bunch of sketching. Here you can see the down tube getting mitered for the head tube.

The frame is going to have a lugged look to it and should be pretty darn stiff even given the fact it has a single top and down tube.

I am still on the fence as to how much of this top secret AMD build I will be posting but I am feeling like I don't really care who see's the details right now.

The carbs are there as a place holder... still not sure if I will be running 41mm flat slides or some round slides. What do you think?