Sunday, September 23, 2012


....   It sort of sums up the past couple of months best!
Why?  Well over the past couple of crazy months I have done the following;

Wrapped up the Speed Shop Triton for a lengthy thrashing period before she is torn down for paint, polish, and some aluminum body work.

Designed a number of cool ass products for Slayer Espresso Machines.

Moved the Ducati project, shop tools, furniture, books, and what not into storage.

Sold my house.

Sold my truck.

Loaded myself, my bike, my dogs, and a few odds and ends onto a plane and...

Moved to Tokyo!!!

Doing all of the above within the course of a couple of months has taken a bit of time away from doing any sort of upkeep on this blog.  They say that sometimes life gets busy and I just experianced that in a way I have never.

We are all settling in just fine to our new life here in the middle of Tokyo with the love of my life, Junko, and things could not be better.  I am enjoying a week or two of relaxation as I get my bearings and just do nothing but explore the city with the family, sketching, reading, eating amazing home cooked food, and drinking a beer or two.  Soon I will start working again as a freelance designer here in Tokyo as well as continue development of a furniture and lighting line I will produce under the name True Soul Design... more on that later ;)

I have yet to decide if Speed Shop Design will continue to produce motorcycles while I am here in Tokyo.  I have had numerous invitations from some great shops to come use their space and make cool shit but we will wait and see where my new inspirations lead me.  Being in such an amazingly jam packed new environment is incredibly invigorating and I want to keep the road ahead clear for whatever direction I wish to go.

I will be updating this blog regularly now with my travels, trials, and tribulations in the land of the rising sun so please enjoy.