Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ducati Test Drive

My friend Casey from Velvet Oven stopped by yesterday to take the Ducati for a spin....          
He approves!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Beezerker can be yours!

Someone find this poor lady a bathroom...  Looks like she needs to pee!  ;)

The past two years have been simply amazing thanks to the impact the Beezerker has had on the motorcycle world and the design world. Seen by thousands and thousands around the world and praised for it's timeless style the Beezerker is responsible for opening so many eyes to what is possible when you devote yourself to uncompromising design and craftsmanship.

I could not be more proud to call this bike mine.

Lucky for all of you the time has come to give someone else the pleasure of owning a motorcycle that will surely be remembered for ages to come.  Please take a look and help spread the word that the Beezerker is available on eBay:

The Beezerker on eBay

Thank you for looking and spreading the word!


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Golden Week

I'm big in Japan!
I have been busy with too much to do these days but I was able to skip out of town to spend Golden Week with my sweet heart in Tokyo. With three national holidays crammed into one week there were lots of festivals and activities to choose from. We were even able to fit in a trip to Odaiba to see some trippy architecture, Gundam, and the Mooneyes car show. Other days were spent picnicking in Yoyogi park, lots of dinners and drinks with friends, museums, book stores, noodles, design showrooms, China town, digging bamboo for dinner in Chiba, and even a visit to Gonpachi for a very special birthday dinner.
Okay, now back to work!!!